Therma Lid - Hive Doctor


  • UV protected
  • Weather Proof Finish
  • Reinforced Hive Tool access areas
  • Integrated channel for use with vertical divider boards (underneath)
  • Built in bee space
  • Decreased hive weight for easier handling

Therma Lid - Hive Doctor

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The Hive Doctor Therma-Lid is two products that have been combined into one, developed to save you TIME and MONEY. With less gear, hive inspections become faster – ultimately making your overall hive management more efficient!

The Therma-Lid is made of Tough High Density Polystyrene (HDP), which is pre-painted for convenience and durability. The insulated features provided by the HDP allows for lower winter mortality, and causes decreased stress on bees as less energy is spent maintaining a stable internal temperature.

The new Hive Doctor Therma-Lid provides you with flexibility as it can be used with or without a Galvanized Roof, and can also be used as a lid on its own when strapped.

Hive Doctor Therma-Series Performance Sheet 1118.pdf

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10 Lids, 5 Lids, Each