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Smoker – Mann Lake 4″ S/S (Plastic Bellows)

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Smoker – Mann Lake 4″ S/S (Plastic Bellows)

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A smoker is used to mask alarm Pheromones in a hive and keep the bees calmer during inspections. This is a reliable go-to smoker no matter how many hives you have. High strength opening tab, strong bellow bracket, rust free welded bottom panels, and a commercial grade hinge. Heat shield has a hook for hanging smoker.

The Pro-Bellow is a heavy-duty, professional grade smoker bellow that will stand up to years of use! With improved airflow and easier pumping, a high temperature valve and replaceable bellow skin. Measures 4″ x 7″ (10.16 cm x 17.8 cm) When lighting your smoker be sure not to tilt it backwards, as this may caused hot embers to be sucked into the bellows. Many types of fuel can be used in a smoker. These fuels include hessian, burlap, pine needles, corrugated cardboard, woodchips  or paper egg cartons. We find bees prefer natural smoker fuels free of any synthetic inks or glues.

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Weight 1.068 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 15 × 35 cm



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