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Roof – Galvanized sprung handle style (0.75mm)

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Roof – Galvanized sprung handle style (0.75mm)



Strong, simple and long lasting. These will be the standard before long. Used by many of NZ’s commercial apiaries, they combine perfectly with our ventilated bottom boards to create what research is now showing to be the perfect environment for bees.

Why no top ventilation holes? Researchers are discovering that ventilated lids maybe an unnecessary feature of the hive, and can actually be reducing the efficiency of your bees. Through the ‘Chimney Effect’ warm air is lost and unable to be managed and circulated around the colony via convection currents as would occur naturally. Warm moist air and Co2 generated by the brood cluster rises, hits the hive mat then moves to the walls and falls to the floor as it cools and is displaced by continual warm moist air rising from the brood cluster. The cycle is ongoing and uninterrupted, with the only exception being hive inspections.

Two important components contribute to this ‘climate control’ of the hive, a well insulated Hive Mat beneath the roof and a ventilated Bottom Board

If there is a large temperature drop when the warm air hits the roof, there is the potential for condensation to form, hence the need for a hive mat. The ventilated bottom board allows for the stale cool air to exchange with fresh air.


Individual price = $23.50ea. inc

10+ =  $20.50ea. inc    (Contact us for orders above 10)



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3. John Tadman. Article from The Australasian Beekeeper – A Package of Minor Changes to Langstroth Hives, for Major Benefits.





Additional information

Weight 2.36 kg
Dimensions 54 × 41 × 8.5 cm

Roof – Galvanized sprung handle style (0.75mm) – 10, Roof – Galvanized sprung handle style (0.75mm) – Each


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