Ready to go Supers


  • 100% New Zealand wood and plastics
  • Fully customisable to your needs
  • Guaranteed level and square
  • Paraffin dipped for unsurpassed longevity
  • Commercial grade exterior paint
  • Best value ready to go boxes in Australia

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Ready to go Supers

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Maintain your standards, guarantee your customers 100% Chinese free wood and plastics in your hives.

Ready to go wax dipped and painted, 100% New Zealand boxes with frames.
Fitted with your choice of wood frames or the ever popular Ecrotek Plastic frame, as used by the majority of NZ’s Commercial Beekeepers.

These boxes are professionally assembled, each one is slightly taller than standard before being machined down to standard height to ensure it is square and true with no wobbles. They are then wax dipped, and painted in 2 coats of commercial grade exterior paint.

Many other custom options available, but here are the basic extras –
Wax coated frames: $1/frame
Screws in each corner (8) $2/box
Specific colouring: $1/box
Branding: $0.60c/box
RTG’s offer a huge saving in both time and money. Contact us for the best prices in Australia, guaranteed.

Please note – Minimum order 100boxes, but please register your interest with us as we may be able to combine smaller orders. Average box will be approximately $55-65, however the price will vary on quantity ordered and options added.