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LYSON – Extraction Line OPTIMA FULL W20959_FULL


Automatic honey extracting line with uncapping device, cappings extruder, horizontal honey extractor for 40 frames, honey sump and honey pump

Optima Line Specs Sheet



Look no further for your complete honey harvesting system. The professional quality extractor holds 40 frames and is quickly loaded using the manual frame cart. Loading each rack of 20 frames also pushes out the extracted frames onto the discharge rack. While the machine is running, the extracted frames can be put back into supers and new frames are uncapped and placed into the loading rack. Loading/unloading time is minimized to increase total throughput. This compact setup is ideal for the medium to large sideliner or commercial beekeeper

The HE-03 controller is the top-of-the-line motor controller offered by Lyson. The fully programmable controller with color LCD includes eight programs for automatic control of the extractor speed throughout the extraction cycle. The programs consist of seven steps each with an adjustable start time and extractor speed

Honey drains through a stainless steel valve into the included insulated sump. The sump includes a float switch to activate a honey pump. A honey pump is included for transferring honey to your tanks

**The cost of delivery/commissioning of lines is a flat rate of $3500 to anywhere on the East Coast of Australia. This includes a COVID-19 levy in case we have to self isolate before or after installation to comply with government regulations and ensure your safety. All other locations will require a personalised installation quote.

**The lead time for all lines is 8 months unless we have a machine in stock. Lyson Poland make adjustments to the machine to suit the boxes and frames you use specifically, before shipping to Australia.

**We require a 50% deposit for the line to go into production as once it has, we are financially committed to purchasing the machine.

**If you have any further questions, please let us know.

  • Input voltage: 240V single phase
  • Motor power: 0.85 kW (1.14 HP)
  • Motor type: TEFC, 3 phase
  • Speed control: variable frequency drive
  • Controller model: automatic control HE-03
  • Maximum extractor speed: 280 RPM
  • Construction: stainless steel.


Components / Technical parameters:

Horizontal extractor:

  • 40 frame (two sections)
  • motor 0,75 kW,
  • power supply 230 V,
  • ball valve 2”

Uncapping machine:

  • power supply: 230 V, closed circuit heating system
  • Frame loader length:  1500 mm
  • Frame receiver: single, 1500 mm

Cappings extruder:

  • efficiency 100 kg/h
  • motor 0,55 kW,
  • power supply 230 V
  • adjustable auger speed up to 9 rpm

Honey pump:

  • motor 0,37 kW,
  • power supply: 230 V

Honey sump:

  • insulated,
  • 800 mm

Extractor frame loader:

  • 1500 mm

Extracted frame hanger:

  • 1500 mm