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IBC Heater Jacket – ElectroTherm

$3,880.00 incl. GST

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  • Price INCLUDES SHIPPING to Perth, Western Australia
  • Australian made
  • Utilises new carbon-graphite radiant electric heating elements – High performance, low energy use.
  • Made for Industrial use, all components are heavy-duty and built tough.
  • Outstanding service life
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PLEASE NOTE: The price of this unit is the LANDED PRICE, into Perth Western Australia. It includes the Shipping Costs. Please contact us for queries regarding shipping to other regions. 
Electrotherm manufactures high quality industrial electric appliances for heating and controlling temperature of Honey in Intermediate Bulk Containers, Drums and a variety of other containers.
The Electrotherm IBC Heater Jacket is designed to provide a convenient heating and insulation system for raising the temperature of liquid and semi-solid products transported in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). Development of the IBC Heater Jacket has been made possible by using new carbon-graphite radiant electric heating elements that have unique advantages over conventional metal elements. This new generation IBC Heater features PTFE insulated heating elements for higher temperature tolerance, unequalled integrity and outstanding service life.
The electric heating elements gently radiate energy into the product through the four sides of the container. Efficient multi-layer insulation materials inside the jacket panels minimize energy loss and form a stand-alone miniature ‘hot room’ suitable for heating in low ambient temperatures. The zip-up panels of the IBC Heater Jacket are made from heavy duty PVC coated warp knit polyester which is flexible, durable, washable and flame retardant. It is resistant to most acids, alkalis and most solvents. Industrial grade zippers make it easy to install the Heater Jacket around the IBC to be heated. Electrotherm IBC Heater Jackets are available to fit most popular containers and can be manufactured to custom sizes and electrical/thermal specifications.

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Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 112 × 19 × 66 cm


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