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LYSON Honey Creaming Machine (50ltr-200ltr) – Lyson

$2,925.00$4,269.00 incl. GST

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  • Great for adding value to ordinary varieties
  • Commercial grade machine
  • Made in Poland
  • 2 year Australian warranty


In Europe, creamed honey is the most popular form of honey sold. Spreadable, scoopable, and generally less messy than liquid honey, creamed honey is a premium product, and carries a premium price to suit.

Lyson developed this machine to produce the product in bulk. The creamer mixes the honey and ‘seed’ crystal on a programmed schedule with a heavy duty, variable speed AC motor. The resulting product is beautiful light creamed honey with the texture of butter.

Process: Decrystallized and (often) pasteurised liquid honey is poured into the creamer. A ‘seed’ honey is then added to make up 10% of the batch. The ‘seed’ honey can be from a previous batch, or from a specially hand made batch which provides the desired crystalline size and shape, and therefore texture.  The honey needs to be cool (15-18°C).

The mixing action evenly distributes the seed crystals throughout the honey, creating uniformly creamed honey. In addition, the regular mixing helps to break up crystals that have grown too large. The end result is a very smooth and spreadable creamed honey.

The creaming process is performed in a repetitive 2 phase “work – break” cycle. The mixer works for 15 minutes and then pauses for 1 hr. This process is repeated around the clock for 2-3 days to produce a superior quality honey with a similar consistency to butter.


  • Power supply: 240v
  • Diameter: 400mm (15.75″)
  • Maximum speed: 36 RPM.


I make creamed honey in a bucket/mixer and it works fine. Why do I need this machine?

The program cycles and mixing action of this unit evenly distributes the seed crystals throughout the honey, creating more uniformly crystalized honey. In addition, the regular mixing helps break up crystals that have grown too large. The end result is a product that is creamy and smooth and vastly different to any small batches made using kitchen appliances. Also, this dedicated machine creates larger and far more consistent batches of creamed honey with ease without wearing out your kitchen mixer or drill. Just press start, walk away, and return 48hrs later to find your regular honey has transformed into an extremely sort after, and value added product.

What sizes are available?

Creamers are available in 50, 70, 100, 150, 200, and 600 liter size. 100 liter and above are special pre-order items.

Do I need a heated creamer?

Most honey producers already have heated tanks to decrystallize honey in preparation for making creamed honey, and therefore do not needed a heated creamer. If you want to perform heating and creaming in the same machine, you may opt for a heated creamer. Please note that the honey will not cool quickly in the heated creamer and will require more time to complete the cycle.


  • Power supply: 230 V, 220 W
  • Maximum speed: 36 rpm
  • Capacity: 50L (70 kg) – 200L (280kg)

Lyson have been innovators in beekeeping equipment for nearly 25 years. In that time they have established themselves as market leaders in quality and range. 95% of their products are manufactured in house at their facility in Poland. All Lyson products are compliant with a Declaration Of Conformity and are Health Quality certified.

Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 55 × 70 × 100 cm

100ltr/140kg, 200ltr/280kg, 50ltr/70kg, 70ltr/100kg


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