Hive Doctor Hive Mat - Gated rim


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Hive Doctor Hive Mat - Gated rim



Use an Ecrotek Hive Mat (also known as inner cover, crown board, or ceiling) to stop your bees from propolising the roof down on your hives. Also acts as a great insulator, the Hive Mat is an essential part of every hive.

This Hive Mat is fitted with a gated entrance:

  • Allows bee entry above the hive mat
  • Decreased time to get nectar into the hive
  • Improves venting and air movement
  • Can be opened and closed to meet your hive management needs
  • Gate is tightly fitted to ensure it does not swing shut, and stays closed during transport
  • Rim is made from high strength virgin plastics
  • High quality hardboard to reduce moisture absorption and warping
  • Assembled with stainless steel screws for a long life under repeated use
  • Dimensionally accurate

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 51 × 41 × 2 cm



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