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Great Escape by Ceracell

$33.50$34.50 incl. GST

  • Highly efficient and robust design
  • Made in New Zealand
  • 100% food grade polypropylene


We have had many WA Beekeepers give amazing feedback on these escape boards, confirming claims that it’s quite possibly the most efficient and best design clearer in the world.

It provides the best pheromone transfer and has plenty of room underneath to accommodate the bees escaping.

Constructed of food grade polypropylene, it is the most inert substance known to man.  So it will last for years.  It will become a family heirloom and you’ll end up leaving it to your grandchildren.

Priced to match or better any other old style escape board with a similar number of escape avenues, you won’t find better value.

8 and 10 frame sizes available.

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Great Escape by Ceracell – 10 Frame, Great Escape by Ceracell – 8 Frame

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