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Ceracell BRF Full Depth Frame

$47.00$3,032.00 incl. GST

  • Full Depth configuration with 35mm end bars.
  • Noticeably more robust and stiff than other frames in the market today.
  • The cells embedded in the top, sides and bottom bars assist your bees in cleaning and defending their hive.
  • The Ceracell BRF provides little comfort or refuge for pests such as wax moth or small hive beetle, making it easier for your bees to chase them out.
  • Bees use the perimeter cells for honey, pollen and brood as they would a regular cell.


The Ceracell BRF Plastic Frame is a premium product with no equal when it comes to strength and durability.  Beekeepers in Australia have some unique challenges to contend with.  Transporting honey supers full of heavy frames across 1000’s of kilometer’s of rough bush roads demands a specifically engineered strength. You will find that not only is the BRF stiffer, it is stronger in all the necessary places, and we believe it will compare favourably with your standard wooden frames.  The BRF should give you at least 5 to 10 years of solid performance at a fraction of the cost of a wooden frame.

(BRF? – Beetle Resistant Frame) ‘But we don’t have Small Hive Beetle in WA!’ Forget that it was designed with beetles in mind, the engineering that has gone into these frames is enough to convince anyone. We guarantee once you get one of these frames in your hand and give it a bash, squeeze and twist, you’ll be convinced too.

Please note: Minimum order of 10 frames.

10 frames = $47.00 ($4.70ea inc.)

50 frames = 1 Carton   –  $212.5 inc   ($4.25ea. inc)

400 frames = 8 cartons/half pallet   – $1640 ($4.10ea. inc)

800 frames = 16 cartons/full pallet   –  $3032 ( $3.79ea. inc)

Contact us for direct purchase and/or larger orders.

*Price includes freight, pickup in Perth or Albany.

Additional information

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1 Carton (50 frames), 10 frames, Full Pallet (Albany/Perth Pickup), Full Pallet (Perth Pickup), Half Pallet (Albany/Perth Pickup), Half Pallet (Perth Pickup)

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