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Beetek Top Feeder with Bee Saver (9.5ltr)

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  • Feeder tray only – will require a wooden rim


Beetek Top Feeders 9.5L (90mm Deep) are one of New Zealands most popular Top Feeders. Buy now with the Beetek Bee Saver clip and Kitset Feeder Rim for a no fuss, and easy way to keep your bees topped up this season. Top Feeders sit at the top of a storey to feed dry or sugar syrup in winter months, this ensures the bees have set stores and are well nourished during the harder months when flows aren’t as prominent.

The kit includes, Beetek top feeder, and chimney cap (Bee saver)

Studies suggest placement of sugar syrup in hives is best done towards the evening to minimise any tendency for bees to rob the hives that are fed; by simultaneously feeding all hives in the area this further lowers the tendency for robbing.

*Will require a wooden rim – these can be simply made by cutting down an old box or even made with scrap pallet wood. Just use the same dimensions as a standard box, and 90mm in height.

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Beetek Top Feeder with Bee Saver (9.5ltr) – Feeder tray only, Beetek Top Feeder with Bee Saver (9.5ltr) – Feeder tray with wood rim


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