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18 Frame Extractor – Lyson W217

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  • Ø720mm drum
  • Bottom mount motor
  • Commercial Quality
  • Top quality Mitsubishi electrics
  • Conical floor
  • Made in Poland
  • 2/3 Year Australian Warranty

In stock


This 18 Frame extractor is one of our largest in stock and a first class piece of equipment. This extractor is for the serious beekeeper and can easily manage an apiary of several hundred hives. A machine that is built tough and functional. The full length 50x30mm steel legs improve rigidity and an easy to use controller provides a smooth ramp up and ramp down to ensure vibration free extracting.

The drum is constructed of .6mm stainless steel with a conical base to facilitate honey drainage. Honey is drained through a welded stainless steel honey gate with O-ring seal. The clear acrylic cover lets you observe honey extraction easily without having to open the extractor.

This machine has several safety and economically friendly features. The braking system is engaged when either the Stop button is pushed, the Emergency button is pushed, or if the cover is lifted which is very useful when little ones are helping with the extraction. The 350w motor allows for precise configuration of acceleration and speed. Speed is adjusted up and down through a potentiometer/keypad. The motor speed is controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM), which basically switches power on an off as needed instead of dissipating (i.e. wasting) power through a rheostat or resistor. The result is very efficient, low power extractor operation with excellent control. The motor is only supplied with as much power as it needs. It will also automatically shut down after 15 minutes of inactivity.

If you are looking at a machine like this, chances are you’ll be well aware of the advantages offered by radial extractors. Honey extraction in a radial extractor doesn’t require turning of the frames (unlike tangential) as honey is extracted from both sides of the frames simultaneously. It allows you to extract honey fully in a single spinning cycle. Radial extractor design saves both time and floor space in your operation.

Operating Classic Line extractors is simple and intuitive thanks to the SDD-2DP controller. This controller is as simple and robust as they come. No fancy programming, just on, off and graduated speed control.

The controller is equipped with a top quality Mitsubishi power inverter.

And of course, with one of Australia’s best warranties, you’ll have peace of mind and many years of trouble free service by adding an asset like this to your operation.

Lyson have been innovators in beekeeping equipment for nearly 25 years. In that time they have established themselves as market leaders in quality and range. 95% of their products are manufactured in house at their facility in Poland. All Lyson products are compliant with a Declaration Of Conformity and are Health Quality certified.


Product line CLASSIC
Type of extractor radial
Drum diameter[mm] Ø720
Drive system electric, bottom
Power supply 24v & 230V
Controller SDD-2DP
Motor 24v/350w
Drum thickness 0,6 mm
Honey gate Stainless 1.5″
Cover Acrylic glass, 5 mm
Legs Powder coated 50×30 mm
Hinges Plastic 4pcs
Basket material Stainless rod Ø8 mm and Ø6 mm
Drum rim Powder coated
Drum height 640 mm
Packaging Pallet shipment, Plastic wrap
Warranty 3 years*
*Warranty 2 years for electrical components, driver, engine and drive components

Additional information

Weight 57 kg
Dimensions 95 × 96 × 143 cm


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