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Our Story

First and foremost,

Ripple Farm is a labour of love for our family.

We have found our happy place here doing what we do, and like many others in our region, we share a vision to inspire positive change in the community that surrounds and supports us.

Our goal is to grow what we have into a full-time family run business. Find something you love, they say, and you’ll never work a day in your life…we’ll soon see!

After living in most areas of WA, we’ve found the Great Southern provides all we need to settle in and raise a family. The community, low population density and unsurpassed natural landscapes make for an extraordinarily unique lifestyle opportunity. Paired with our un-spoilt environment and Mediterranean climate, the options for developing world-class produce seems boundless.

So why bees? Ripple Farm Beekeeping was started because we want to share something that gives us great reward and fascination.

We want to evolve the field of Apiculture, from a mysterious craft held tight by old bearded men, to a rewarding and productive pastime that inspires collaboration with family, friends and neighbours.

“Be nice to the old bearded men, they hold all the secrets”

If you aren’t already aware, the Great Southern is a beekeeper’s paradise – The last remaining place on Earth untouched by many of the pests and diseases which are decimating bee colonies elsewhere. In order to protect what we have, everyone needs to gain awareness of what’s truly at stake. By understanding and preserving the delicate balances of our Eco-system, we are in fact safeguarding our own futures.

We think everyone in our society can learn something from bees. Every bee plays a role in maintaining the colony, all their efforts are in support of others. Bees actively participate in improving and encouraging all life around them. When left undisturbed, a bee’s daily life brings only benefits to its environment. Not a single plant or animal is threatened by its existence.

With a young family and another career to maintain, time is very precious. We are, however, passionate about keeping bees and we’ll always find time to have a chinwag and show you what we have to offer.

Hopefully see you soon, Kiri & Daniel

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