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Are you looking to have your own bee hive?

Get a quick start to the spring bee season – and buy a 5 frame bee colony (Nuc) from Ripple Farm Beekeeping that is ready to be installed directly into your bee hive.

Ready to purchase a Nuc ?!

We are taking orders!

We have a range of Nucleus Colonies available for delivery early this spring. Colonies have mated proven queens. Disease free and all inspected before sale to ensure they are perfect and ready to go. They are $260ea (not including delivery or installations fees), 5 frame Nucs.

Once your order has been received, you will go onto our list, and be invoiced soon thereafter.

Bees can be delivered and installed for an extra fee.
One on one mentoring / training is also available to help you start your beekeeping journey.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be registered to purchase bees. Please ensure you have completed your registration before you order a Nuc.

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