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Ripple Farm offers customised beekeeping services for existing and prospective hive owners. Unsure where to begin? No dramas, we can guide you on hive placement, acquiring bees, what kind of equipment is best for you, and provide ongoing maintenance to keep your colonies friendly, happy and healthy. Your hives with your bees, producing your own delicious backyard grown honey.

Which one of our services can we adapt to suit you?

Please Note: Locations outside a 25km radius of Albany may incur additional charges.

Flow® Hive

Complete Package 

(up to 2 hives)

Maintenance Package

(up to 2 hives)

One Off Hive Inspection

Interested in becoming a Flow® Hive owner? We can provide a full initial setup, including assembly if you wish, as well as ongoing support and troubleshooting.
(Please don’t ask us to assist if you have purchased a non-genuine Auto-Flow style hive, from our experience these are fraught with issues, and we won’t be involved in undermining a great Australian invention)

With this package, we will look after your hives as though they were ours. Included are a minimum of 7 inspections per year, full management of honey flows, re-queening as required and harvest and packaging of honey in our commercial kitchen. We can purchase any excess honey at wholesale prices to help offset the yearly fee.This is a great option if you are short on time, or just want to ease into self-managing your own hives with some professional guidance to start your journey.

This includes 3 visits per year, scheduled for early Spring, mid Summer and late Autumn to ensure your hive is healthy and on track. We’ll provide assistance and advice in all aspects of hive maintenance such as adding supers, feeding, re-queening and methods to reduce the likelihood of swarming. We’ll maintain inspection records to comply with the Biosecurity code of practice recommendations.

This is for the one off

    • hive inspection; or
    • health check; or
    • emergency call out

within a 25km radius of Ripple Farm. Includes travel and 1 hour on-site.

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