We are very happy to introduce Ripple Farm Beekeeping and all the products and services it brings to Western Australia.

We want to evolve the field of Apiculture, from a mysterious craft held tight by old bearded men, to a rewarding and productive pastime that inspires collaboration with family, friends and neighbours. We offer a range of services (beyond just the “supplies”) to assist people in learning, maintaining and enjoying the art of beekeeping.

Queen Bees

We breed quality Queen Bees to order.

Nucleus Hives (Nucs)

Are you looking to start a new hive? Purchase a Nuc in Spring 2022 ready for an amazing bee season.

LYSON Equipment

As a preferred retailer of LYSON Beekeeping Equipment, we are able to order and arrange delivery of quality LYSON products to your door.

Learn to be a Beekeeper

We offer beginner beekeeping courses where you learn the basics and get to do practical hive inspections throughout the day.

Beekeeping Equipment

We provide advice on beekeeping equipment and products (based on our own beekeeping experience). If we do not have a product readily available, we will look to ordering it for you!

Resources & Links

In addition to the beekeeping books in our shop we also share a range of beekeeping downloads and resources to get you started.

Hive Maintenance

Ripple Farm provides customised beekeeping services for existing and prospective hive owners.

Hive Hosting

Interested in having backyard beehives, but don’t want to become a beekeeper yourself?

Swarm & Hive Removal

Found a swarm or want an existing hive/nest removed?  There are some important considerations, but we are here to help.